The Different South Africa Immigration Services

south africa immigration

South Africa Immigration services are important for foreigners wanting to move to or visit here. The correct support and information can seriously assist in making the process much less daunting and more manageable.

There are three main immigration services which can be dealt with:

  • the acquisition of both temporary and residence permits for here;
  • legal services for South Africa immigration;
  • and immigration litigation services.

The Acquisition of Temporary and Residence Permits for South Africa

South African Visas are essential, whether it’s for a temporary or permanent stay. The permits available include:

  • less than 3 months;
  • more than 3 months but less than 3 years;
  • business;
  • study;
  • student;
  • work;
  • spousal;
  • and retirement.

Initially, a South Africa immigration lawyer will check your eligibility and decide on the best method to achieve the permit.

This immigration service involves:

  • A thorough consultation to ascertain eligibility
  • Advice into legalities of the procedure
  • A discussion of the methods of immigration available
  • Preparation of the permit including all relevant documents
  • Regular update reports as to the status of the permit
  • Once cleared, a collection of the permit and delivery to the client

Legal Services for Immigration

As well as dealing with immigration permits, the specialist lawyers also handle legal issues surrounding the Immigration Act. This includes areas like detention, deportation, and exemptions.

The South Africa immigration services provided are:

  • Section 31 applications
  • Applications which is concerned with immigration exemptions
  • Section 32 status applications
  • The application of section 8 which deals with the right to appeals and representation
  • Enforcing section 8, 34 and 41 which protect against illegal detention and deportation

Immigration Litigation Services

This is important for defending a client’s rights should any false allegations or illegal procedures be made against them.

South Africa Immigration services within this field include:

* Magistrate Court Attendances:

  • dealing with criminal charges and immigration offenses in term of the Immigration and Criminal Procedure Acts in South Africa;
  • applications and attendances for bail in conjunction with the Criminal Procedure Act in South Africa;
  • criminal charges against immigration officers;
  • withdrawal of criminal charges through representation to the State Prosecutor;
  • and wrongful arrests or prosecution due to officials or the Department of Home Affairs in there.

High and Constitutional Court Attendances:

  • any oversights carried out by the official in South Africa or the Department of Home Affairs concerning administrative immigration decisions or actions.
  • court applications, both urgent and non-urgent;
  • and wrongful arrests or prosecution which ends in detention or deportation dealt with by officials or the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa.

South Africa Immigration services are available to assist throughout the immigration process. Whether it concerns South African Visas or legal issues, specialists can provide the support and advice required.

When looking into visiting South Africa or staying permanently within the country it is worth contacting specialist lawyers for assistance and advice. However, the range of immigration services available extends out further than simply Visas: they can advise and support you with any legal issues that may arise concerning your application or stay in South Africa.